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Beautifully Insecure

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Imagine falling in love with someone but not able to love yourself. Leanna was diagnosed with Alopecia at age 7 and by 9 years of age all her hair was gone. By her early 20's her insecurities had such a grip on her heart that she became a master of hiding her hair loss. It wasn't until she met Terrence the love of her life she felt she couldn't hide it any longer. As their love grew the pressure to tell Terrence about her hair loss did also. GOD had Terrence in her life for more than  just companionship. If she only knew she's in for a big surprise.

Let Go and Let God

Let Go and Let God follows two people from vastly different worlds whose lives are rocked after experiencing sudden deaths in their family. They question God as a result, but find the faith they're looking for on an unexpected path. 


A young man named Lit loves money more than his life, friends and GOD! He is put to the test when he finds some money that came from a robbery. The ones that stole the money are in jail. Lit doesn’t know they sent their friends to find the cash. How far will he go to SECURE THE BAG!

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